February 13, 2006

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Examples of obtaining a loan

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Why foreigners can’t get bank loans
As a foreigner working for a Thai bank, I’m probably knowledgeable enough to respond to Baffled in Bangkok’s queries about personal loans for foreigners (Postbag, Dec 13). Yes, it’s true that most local banks do not issue personal loans (PLs) to foreigners as a common practice, although the latest announcement by the Bank of Thailand dated June 24, 2005 does not mention Thai nationality as a

Citi Bank Secured Credit Card
Just here Premier bank credit card credit card credit cards citi real credit card info software card guaranteed credit card bank one credit card transfer best us credit card rates companies that will match secured credit Citi Bank Credit Cards card Citi Bank Credit Cards Citibank Citi Platinum CitiBusiness?Card. The…

Low Interest Payday Loans
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