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February 13, 2006

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Review of the Citi Simplicity CardThe Citi Simplicity Card was last reviewed on 8th December 2005. Summary – The Citi Simplicity(SM) Card is Citibank’s lastest credit card offer with a unique twist. This card will waive any late fees if a purchases or cash advance is made within the same…
Card Citi Credit UpromiseCiti ? Upromise […]

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Citi Credit Card Pay OnlineCitibank (Citi) – Credit Card Information Page activity – Review past statements – Pay your credit card bill, or all your bills Personal for unauthorized purchases Citi?hotocard Option Available Apply Online Now!!! Citi?Platinum Bank One Credit Card Offers – Online Applications One Chase Manhattan Citi Bank Discover?Card Services Online Loans…
Mortgage Loan […]

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Why foreigners can’t get bank loansAs a foreigner working for a Thai bank, I’m probably knowledgeable enough to respond to Baffled in Bangkok’s queries about personal loans for foreigners (Postbag, Dec 13). Yes, it’s true that most local banks do not issue personal loans (PLs) to foreigners as a common practice, although the latest announcement […]